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Start off 2016 with an opportunity that you've been searching for. Have you been looking for the right business opportunity with high in-demand services that drives customers and traffic to your customers? We’re the solution for small businesses that can finally afford a low SEO cost with high deliverables. Make RESIDUAL INCOME with GeoSearch!

These days, people search more on their smartphones than ever before. Our Responsive website, will resize a website to fit the screen size of any device: whether it’s a 27 inch screen or a 4 inch screen. If you’re on a desktop, laptop, ipad, tablet, phablet or smartphone, the website experience will be optimal. Not only do we build responsive websites, but more importantly we get them to the top of the search engines.

Build someone a Responsive Website, you’re their Hero
Get them to the top of the search engines, you’re their Savior!

We have a SEO Technology that gets Mom & Pop small business websites to the top of the Search Engines. We create 200 optimized pages for the client’s most popular search terms that their customers search. Typically the 10 cities they work in and the 20 services they provide. We combine this to create 200 content rich pages that makes their website 200 pages BIGGER. With 10 years of optimization expertise and our proprietary technology, it gives you the major edge in the industry and against any competition. Especially at our price point! You sell, and we do all the heavy lifting deploying the technology.

In fact, what makes the best SEO is the technology behind them. So you don't need to be a SEO expert... we have our deployment teams for that. You just need to be good at sales and motivated!

We have 4 SEO packages for customers that help you tailor an online dominance campaign for all company sizes. From small Mom & Pop to large nationwide companies! Distributors earn residual commissions from $100 - $375 per account!

*Your residual is 25% of all sales, each and every month for the lifetime of the customer.
*Customers packages are $399 - $1499.
Sign up 100 customers at the entry level package, you make $10,000 a month.

Our retention rate is 96% as customers come aboard long term. Residual income, is only as good as the longevity of your committed customers. With GeoSearch, you can make great residual income while the satisfaction of helping your customers drive more traffic and business to their company.

It is not work when you are having fun, making great money while helping others achieve their success! It’s a passion, and that’s what GeoSearch is all about.

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